Our 4th Anniversary Means 20% OFF!

4 years. Wow. What a ride.

We have a hard time believing that we've been driving the Wine Works train down the tracks for 4 years already. So much has changed, and it's humbling to look back and realize how far we've come in that time. The wines have always remained priority number one, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We truly have the most wonderful customers any business could ask for, which makes it such a pleasure to come to work everyday. 

As usual, we're celebrating with our 20% off sale, the best time of the year to get wine started. Always feel free to call one of our shops and chat with our incredible staff, they're their to make sure everything is just right! The sale ends May 5th, so don't hesitate!!


Wine Tasting 2017

An Extraordinary Evening of Wine & Food
Featuring Sommolier Tim Ellison & Chef Michel Kuhn


Another tasting is coming! Wine Works has worked hard this fall to secure expert sommelier Tim Ellison to act as our guide through the 2017 Limited Edition wines from Winexpert. There will be five wines, 3 red and 2 white, each of which will be expertly and creatively paired with food prepared by the culinary mastermind behind Heartbeet Bistro, Chef Michel Kuhn. This guided tasting will be a more intimate night than our previous event in 2015, and as such tickets are limited. 

Tickets are $45 and will be on sale Thursday November 9th , available at both Wine Works locations. Only 50 tickets are available. 

The important details:


  • Guided tasting by Tim Ellison of the 2017 Limited Editions. 5 wines in total, 3 red and 2 white. 
  • Food pairing by Chef Michel Kuhn. Sure to be creative and delicious, thoughtfully designed by Chef Michel to bring out the best in each of the wines.
  • Venue: The Bean Tree Cafe. Doors open at 6:00pm, tasting to start almost immediately. 
  • Tickets are $45 each. Limited to 50 guests. Available at both Wine Works locations.

Do not hesitate, tickets will sell out quickly!


2018 Limited Editions

Every year, while we quietly go about our day to day business, there are experts going around the world trying to find the best growing regions and the grapes they produce. These wines are usually identified around 2 years in advance, giving our suppliers time to work with different growers making sure they can produce just the right grapes at just the right times. The grapes wind their way through the early life stages of becoming a wine, and when they are finally turned into juice, we get to bring them into the shops and put our finishing touches on them where they turn into some of the best tasting, highest quality wines we produce each year. For better or worse, they're only available for a limited time.

This year we're excited to bring 5 different wines to the shop, each with its own exciting characteristics! 

  • Petit Ruby Cabernet - Riverland, Australia. Red wine. Currant, juicy plum, dark berries, spicy ground black pepper herb and vanilla. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium-Full | January 2018
  • Chardonnay Chenin Blanc - Rawsonville, South Africa. White wine. Tropical Fruit, baked apples, citrus zest, peach, a buttery complexity with tart acidity. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Available January 2018

  • Merlot - Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Ripe fruit with dark oaky spice and soft tannins with hints of mocha and licorice. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | February 2018

  • Milagro Blanco - La Mancha, Spain. White wine. Passion fruit, white flower, juicy melon, peach, lime, grass and honey. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | March 2018

  • Negroamaro - Apulia, Italy. Red wine. Ripe berry, baking spice, wood, silky tannins and a long finish. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Full | April 2018

Each wine must be pre-ordered by December 1st to guarantee availability. Don't miss out!

Restricted Quantities

Pre-orders must be in by October 14, 2017

Restricted Quantities bring you four of our finest award-winning wines, released exclusively in The Gold Standard Collection. These exclusive wines are the best we can create, with unmatched drinking and aging potential. 

Shiraz Viognier | Released December 2017

Australia Shiraz Viognier is stylish yet refined.  It is lush with a tapestry of smooth tannins and succulent dried fruits, vanilla and black pepper.
Oak:  Heavy, Body:  Full, Sweetness:  Dry

Yeast:  Bourgovin RC 212
Oak:  American and Hungarian
GenuWine Winery Grape Skins:  Dried

Food Pairings:
Bison burgers, Lamb kebabs, Meat pie, Sharp Cheddar cheese


Carménère | Released January 2018

Opulent and rich, Carménère boasts the luscious flavors of red cherries and berries, with hints of spice and leather enhanced with robust tannins.
Oak: Medium, Body:  Medium, Sweetness:  Dry

Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212
Oak:  American
GenuWine Winery Grape Skins:  Crushed

Food Pairings:
Cabbage rolls, Pork or beef tacos, Meatballs, Pepper Jack cheese


Tempranilo | Released February 2018

Sourced from native Spain, Tempranillo adds panache to any cellar.  It skillfully balances fresh berries with savory notes of pepper and smoke.
Oak:  Heavy, Body:  Medium, Sweetness:  Dry

Yeast:  Bourgovin RC 212
Oak:  American and Hungarian
GenuWine Winery Grape Skins:  Dried

Food Pairings:
Pepperoni pizza, Burritos, Grilled steak, Manchego cheese


Riesling | Released March 2018

From renowned German vineyards, this Riesling is captivating and complex.  Grisp flavors of honey, peach and lemon finish with a lingering minerality.
Oak:  Unoaked, Body:  Medium, Sweetness:  Off-dry

Yeast:  QA23
Optional Sweetening blend

Food Pairings:
Pad Thai, German sausages, Shrimp stir-fry, Edam cheese